The RCC Executive Committee requires employees for the following vacancies:

Chief Specialist of the Communications Sector

Responsibilities of the Chief Specialist of the Communication Sector (sphere - postal service):

-  to carry out work to ensure the functioning of the RCC Postal Operators Board and its working groups, the RCC Postal Commissions,

- to carry out working contacts with the UPU and regional unions within the competence of the RCC Executive Committee;

- to organize seminars, conferences, exchange of experience in the interests of the RCC CAs on postal issues;

- to provide work on the preparation of information, reference and analytical materials for the communications administrations of the RCC;

- to prepare drafts of international agreements, memoranda, necessary references, materials, proposals, draft decisions for consideration at the meeting of the RCC Board and the Coordination Council on issues related to the competence of the Communications Sector;

- to organize the interaction with foreign communications administrations, regional and international organizations, companies and firms on issues within the competence of the Communications Sector;


Experience in the postal industry in the direction of international activities,

Knowledge of UPU regulatory documents,

Knowledge of the English Language,


Schedule: Full-day, 5/2,

Possible business trips abroad,

Salary: 36000 rubles + bonuses.