The editions of the “Statistical Yearbook on the Activities of the RCC Communications Administrations in the field of Communications and Informatization” are traditionally a joint work of the RCC participants who provided information on the technical, technological and economic development of communications and informatization of their states and the RCC Executive Committee

 In accordance with the Decision of the RCC Board of the CAs Heads №38/10 of November 12th, 2007, the editions used a system of standardized indicators for communication and information. The unified indicators were developed as part of research work in the RCC, carried out on the initiative of the RCC Commission on Communications Economics and the Coordination Council of the CIS Member-States on Informatization at the RCC in order to improve the statistical base of the RCC.

Statistical collections are published in parallel text in Russian and English, on paper and electronic (CD) media.

The source of information for the Collection is official data received from communications administrations and telecom operators - RCC participants.

 The data in the collections characterize the activities of the RCC participants in the field of communication and informatization and are presented in sections:

- general information about the state as a whole;

- a network of telecom operators;

- availability of communications;

- communication services in natural expressions and the quality of these services;

- economic indicators: tariffs for communication services, incomes, capital investments and wages of communication workers;

- staff;

- indicators of accessibility to telecommunication networks, information and information resources and “electronic development”, characterizing the state of development of informatization in the countries of RCC participants.

The editions also contain, as a reference application, indicators characterizing the business climate, human capital and government regulation in the field of ICT. For the preparation of this application, the RCC Executive Committee was used in accordance with the Decision of the RCC Board of the CAs Heads №39/3-CIS of September 25th, 2008. indicators published in official publications of some international organizations (for example, the UN, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the International Telecommunication Union and others).