RCC Postal Commission

The RCC Postal Commission was established by the Decision of the RCC Board of the CAs Heads №7/7 of January 13, 1993.

The main functions of the RCC Postal Commission are:

- coordination of the activities of RCC Members in addressing the harmonization of the development of postal services within a single postal space;
- ensuring the interaction of the RCC CAs in the development of interstate programs, the formation of concepts of scientific and technical policy and the introduction of advanced technologies;
- preparation of joint measures to ensure the survivability and stability of the functioning of interstate postal communications and mail transportation of RCC CAs, including and in emergency situations;
- organization of interaction between RCC Members in resolving issues of improving and improving the quality of existing ones, as well as introducing new services in interstate mail exchange;
- organization of joint development of standard regulatory documents of an operational-technical nature: mail transportation rules, operating instructions and ensuring mail security, etc .;
- development of joint proposals to improve the principles and system of mutual settlements for mail exchange;
- preparation of proposals reflecting the common interests of RCC Members in matters of postal communication for submission to Congresses, forums, conferences of the UPU and its working bodies;
- ensuring the interaction of RCC Members on issues of issuing state marks of postal payment, postage marked products, as well as on philately;
- Organization of mutual information on the development of postal services of the countries of the CA of the RCC Members 
- preparation of common positions of RCC Members in working with departments and organizations engaged in production contacts with postal services.