The Newsletter “Vesti RCC”(RCC News) is published in accordance with the decision of the RCC Board of the Communications Administrations Heads of December 13, 2004, №32/7 in order to promote the activities of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications. Newsletter frequency: quarterly.

The source of information for publications are:

materials of meetings of the RCC Board, the Coordination Council of the CIS Member-States on Informatization at the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications and the RCC Working Bodies (official documents and decisions or extracts from them, and others);
articles submitted by the RCC members;
information on the websites of the RCC members;
materials on preparations for the upcoming international forums in the field of communications and informatization, final comments upon completion of events, etc.
The first edition of the RCC Newsletter was published at the end of 2004. By January 1, 2014, 31 editions were issued.

In accordance with the Decision of the RCC Board of the Communications Administrations Heads dated June 15-16, 2014 №49/20-18 in order to further update and optimize the issue of the RCC Newsletter, as well as to popularize the activities of the RCC, continue to issue the RCC Newsletter in a booklet once a year (or as needed) in two languages ​​(Russian and English).