How to become a member of the RCC

Participants of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications are the Communications Administrations of the states that have signed the Agreement on the Establishment of the RCC (December 17, 1991) *.

RCC is open to the entry of Communications Administrations of other states. They can be accepted as members of the Commonwealth by their official appeal and are considered accepted if their appeal is supported by all members of the Commonwealth.

Joining the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications is not an obstacle to joining other unions, communities, associations, and joining other agreements.

RCC participants can have the status of both full and associate members.

Communications Administrations of other states may take part in the work of the RCC as observers.

The status and powers of associate members and observers are determined by the RCC Board.

Observer status in the RCC can be granted by Communications Administrations (regulators) of bordering countries, or by Communications Administrations in areas C and 2 (geographical distribution of ITU and UPU).

The observer status in the RCC can be granted to operating organizations (operators) taking into account the geographical features mentioned in clause 1, or with a mutual interest in cooperation, the practical contribution of the operator to the development of communication in the RCC countries.

An operator may be admitted to the RCC only as an observer and only with the permission or approval of its Communications Administration.

Observers are granted an advisory vote.

Observers have the right:

- to take part in meetings of the RCC Board, except for meetings related to the implementation of intergovernmental agreements in the field of postal and electrical communications of the CIS countries;

- at the meetings of the RCC Board, address the debate, make suggestions and comments on the issues discussed and the materials under consideration, submit and request the necessary information on the agenda of the meeting, receive protocols and decisions relating to them;

- to take part in the work of RCC Commissions;

- to participate in joint research works, seminars and colloquiums held by the RCC.

The application for admission to the RCC as an observer is sent to the Chairman of the RCC Board signed by the head of the Communications Administration or the head of the operator's organization.