Postal Communication

Interaction of the Member-States of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications to coordinate the activities of the RCC Members in resolving issues of harmonisation of the development of postal communications within the common postal space is carried out within the specialized RCC Commission on Postal Communications       

The RCC Postal Commission was established by the Decision No. 7/7 of 13.01.1993 of the RCC Board of the CAs Heads .

The main functions of the Postal Commission are:

- Coordination of activities of RCC participants regarding harmonization of postal communication development within the common postal space;
- Ensuring cooperation of RCC CAs in the development of interstate programs, the formation of the concepts of scientific and technological policy and implementation of advanced technologies;
- Preparation of joint activities to ensure the survivability and stability of the interstate postal relations and mail transportation by the RCC, including in emergency situations;
- Organization of interaction between RCC participants in addressing the improvement and enhancement of the quality of existing and introduction of new services in the interstate postal exchange;
- Organization of joint development of standard regulatory documents of an operational and technical nature: rules for mail transportation, instructions for operation and ensuring postal safety, etc;
- Development of joint proposals for improving the principles and system of mutual settlement for postal exchange;
- Preparation of proposals reflecting the common interests of RCC participants in postal communication issues to be submitted to UPU Congresses, forums and conferences and its working bodies;
- Ensuring interaction between RCC participants on issues related to the issuance of government postage notes, postage stamped products, as well as philately;
- Organization of mutual information on the development of postal services of the RCC member countries;
- Preparation of common positions of RCC member countries on working with agencies and organizations involved in production contacts with postal services.

Four working groups have been set up within the Commission to carry out its functions:

- Postal Security Action Group (PSAG);

- Working Group on Work with the UPU (UPU WG);

- Working Group on Postal Product Development, E-Commerce and Digitalisation (WP on DPPS and EC);

- Working Group on Financial Services.

The main activities of the working groups are to improve the quality of postal services and the quality of service fund, to develop EMS services and to ensure the functioning of the postal network.

In recent years, the role of Regional Organizations in working closely with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to promote and develop the postal sector has increased.