May 18, 2023, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

On May 18, 2023, the 25th meeting of the Expert Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS) and the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC) was held in a hybrid format in the Tauride Palace.

The event was attended by scientists, politicians, representatives of public organizations (from which countries you list) and RCC Executive Committee. Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council, General Director of the Executive Committee of the RCC Nurudin Nasretdinovich Mukhitdinov and Deputy General Director of the RCC Executive Committee Zorya Natalia Evgenievna participated in person from the RCC Executive Committee.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council Nurudin Nasretdinovich Mukhitdinov.

During the meeting, 10 issues were discussed: on the prospects for the development of a model law "On the Basics of Internet Regulation" and Recommendations for the Introduction of Digital Technologies to Form an Ecosystem of a "Smart Urban Environment" in the CIS Member States, on approaches to the development of a draft model law "On Artificial Intelligence" » and on changes to the Model Educational Code for the CIS Member States (general part) in terms of the digitalization of education.

The meeting provided information on the dictionary-reference book “Terms of model legislation”, as well as information on the implementation of the Long-term plan for model lawmaking in the CIS for 2020-2022 and the Long-term plan for model lawmaking in the CIS for 2023-2025 in the field of information and communication technologies.

On the issue “On the results of the international conference “Legal Aspects of the Digital Development of Society”, which took place in St. Petersburg on December 2, 2022” and on the 26th meeting, Nurudin Nasretdinovich Mukhitdinov, General Director of the RCC Executive Committee, spoke as a speaker.