6 December, 2022, CIS Executive Committee Office in Moscow

On December 6, the second interagency consultations of the CIS Member-States on ensuring international information security were held in the CIS Executive Committee Office in Moscow.

The event was attended by representatives of relevant agencies of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the CIS Executive Committee and the Executive Committee of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications.

Natalya Zorya, Deputy Director-General of the RCC Executive Committee, was appointed as the Chairman of the interdepartmental consultations.

As part of consultations, a range of issues proposed by CIS Member-States related to cooperation in the field of information security, implemented in the framework of international organizations, the functioning and development of a secure Internet space, as well as interagency cooperation, were considered.

During the event, the participants presented and discussed 16 questions, including:

- on current threats to information security;

- interaction within the Open-ended Working Group on Security in the Use of ICTs and ICTs themselves 2021-2025;

- coordination of efforts in the UN platforms in the field of combating information crime, including in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly and the Ad Hoc Open-ended Intergovernmental Expert Committee;

- elaboration of joint positions of the CIS Member-States and their promotion in international platforms, in particular within the International Telecommunication Union;

- secure functioning and development of the Internet on the basis of equal governance of this network;

- approaches of the CIS Member-States to personal data protection in their transborder transmission, mechanisms of cooperation between national authorities for supervising the legislation on personal data protection;

- trans-border exchange of data in responding to threats and incidents of information and cyber security;

- problems of neutralization of Internet resources used for distribution of content for criminal purposes;

- legal approaches to regulating international information security;

- ensuring information security at the early stages of implementation of measures to digitalize the economy;

- training and improvement of scientific cooperation in the field of international information security.

The next interdepartmental consultations of the CIS Member-States on international information security are planned to be held in the second half of 2023.