Meetings of the Board the RCC CAs Heads

The supreme body of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications is the Board the RCC Communications Administrations Heads (hereinafter referred to as the RCC Board).

Meetings of the RCC Board are held as necessary, but at least once a year.

Meetings of the RCC Board are attended by full members of the RCC, RCC observers, as well as invited guests from international and regional organizations in the field of communications, media representatives.

The time and venue of the meetings shall be agreed at the preceding meetings.

The draft agenda of the meeting is formed on the basis of decisions of the RCC Board, as well as proposals of the RCC participants, working bodies and the RCC Executive Committee. The meetings discuss and adopt agreed decisions on the main areas of work of the RCC:

- development and implementation of projects in the field of telecommunications, radio communications, postal communications, ICT, economic communications and other areas of industry development;

- preparation and participation of RCC Communication Administrations in international conferences and assemblies of the International telecommunication Union and the Universal Postal Union;

- internal activities of the Commonwealth.